Honoring Me

I am traveling today and I always feel the need to pump up some energetic protection when I do. Often it even expands to an almost anxious state. As a student, practitioner and teacher of the etheric realm I am aware of taking on other energies or simply being sensitive to other energies. In an airport, anywhere you have a gathering of people, you will have many, many energies, some of them good, some low vibrational and some downright nasty. It's this collection of energies that can push me off center, they blow through me like a frantic wind. As my morning progressed, so did my anxiousness. To the point that I cancelled my morning clients as I was in no state to help anyone see their tru

Empowered You

I was listening to a talk by Leslie Zehr, she is a teacher of Sacred Dance and Esoteric Wisdom. She has spent most of her adult life living and working in Egypt. In this particular talk she was describing the difference between Power and Empowerment. Our society is primarily a Patriarchal society and has been for many, many decades, if not milleniums. We have seen the Matriarch rising over time, voting, claiming her right, opposing societial restrictions. Often with force and aggression as they were met with the same. At these points in time there seemed to be a need to meet fire with fire, force with force, as that was the only map we had to follow. We, as the Divine Feminine had forgotte

Your Inner Shaman

As I was writing about Shamanism the other day I felt it was ok to divert just a bit and talk about YOUR Inner Shaman. You have one, actually you are one. It's within you. All that you will ever need lies within you, it only requires awakening and acknowledging. There was a time in my life where nothing held anything new for me. I truly felt as though I had seen everything. I remember thinking, "Is this it? I've seen it all?" I realize now how short-sighted that was but the feeling was real at the time. This was the time in my life I was directed to 'look within' rather than outside of myself for new sight, new experiences, new truth, new awakenings. I was directed to notice how this 'inner

Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom. They are hard to come by sometimes aren't they. Trying to come up with something heart-felt and still authentic, that you may be interested in reading, can be a challenge even on an inspired day. So what I want to say to you is "You are okay". "We are all okay". "You are right where you are supposed to be at this moment". Each event in our lives, no matter how insignificant, is a learning moment. A moment of growth. And yes, a moment of inspiration. As humans we need contrast and that's what life gives us. Good and bad. Dark and light. Growth and stagnant. It's all in the plan to move us along to a higher consciousness. Not always a smooth ride but purposeful. Despite the cu

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