"The longest journey you'll ever make is the journey from your head to your heart" Lissa Rankin M.D. This statement felt so powerful to me this morning. As I teach my clients to honor themselves and take back their power (which is my lesson this lifetime), and to simply trust their inner knowing, it can be difficult for some to wrap their minds around the difference between head and heart. We are so used to and programmed to only hear our minds that we have forgotten about our heart-brain. Our heads, our brain, is like a computer. It only knows what it has been told, seen, been taught or experienced. Yes it has the ability to make choices and judgements, but those are all based on what has b

Full Moon Opportunities

I tried all day yesterday to sign on to my website and write you a blog but it wasn't happening. Each time I would type in the web address, a blank page. (Insert frustrated emoji here). I had all kinds of information about the full moon, Thunder Moon and Buck Moon. Blah Blah Blah. As I thought about this inability to pass on my information, I assumed the Universe just wanted me to think about it for a day and my reaction to it. I'm kind of a perfectionist. It doesn't always look that way from the outside but I can be very hard on myself and take my obligations seriously. And there you have it. Obligation vs Joy. Duty vs Ease. The Full Moon is a time of culmination. It's about bringing into

My Journey to the Shaman Woman

It has been suggested, through my Guides, that I share my Shamanic Journeys with you. More than that, I want to share my journey into Shamanism. Not every journey can be shared, but those that are will be your opening to a path of growth and expansion and insight. Whether you decide to step into the world of 'Knowing' of just observe, you will be changed for the better. I think first you may want to know just what is Shamanic Journeying? In the words of Sandra Ingerman (my first teacher in Shamanic Journeying), "Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality (into non-ordinary reality, the other world) to retrieve information for change in

Who's Side Are You On?

Do you watch the news? CNN? Local programming? I haven't watched the news for years, in fact we haven't had a television for about 10 years. What I've noticed though, it's impossible to cut yourself off from the tragedies of our world. Somehow, someway it will filter down to you. There is very little positive information passed on to us through our news channels because it's the tragedies of the world that get us all riled up. It keeps us coming back again and again. Social media, Facebook being a prime example. What started out as a vehicle to connect with friends has become an avenue to pass along information of all forms, good and not so good. It's an avenue for forcing advertisements on

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