No Massage appointments accepted after April 30, 2021

Blended Offerings

Massage with Psychic Reading

A full body massage with a Spirit reading while we work. Bring your concern,your question, your worries and let's talk to Spirit. Divining wisdom from the 'source' of all wisdom. Guiding you back to your intended path, easing your heart, bringing you home. 

60 minute session | $115

75 minute session | $125

Massage with Sound Healing

A full body massage with sound healing.  As we go through life, bombarded with the everyday, sound, tension, stress, emotional, physical and mental demands, we can become dis-harmonious in our bodies and with ourselves. Over time, this disruption in harmony will result in dis-ease in our body, mind or spirit. As I work the physical body, releasing tension and stress, I will use sound, singing bowls, tuning forks, drum or rattle. This will assist in the 'letting go' as well as restore the natural balance, the natural frequency and vibration of You., your body and your spirit.

75 min | $125

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